Your ancillary benefit package

Your ancillary contributions

Ancillary contributions describe five voluntary contributions or superannuation transfers you can make to MilitarySuper on your behalf or on behalf of your spouse:

  1. Co-contributions
  2. Roll in amounts
  3. Salary sacrifice
  4. Additional personal contributions
  5. Spouse contributions

You must be a contributing member; preserved benefit members are not eligible.

These contributions and transfers form a separate benefit called an ancillary benefit. It accrues as a separate accumulation interest and fluctuates in line with scheme investment performance. It does not attract or add to your employer benefit.

You are can make ancillary contributions if you are a:

Preserved benefit members cannot make ancillary contributions.

Find out more in your MilitarySuper Product Disclosure Statement.

View or download popular forms and publications for ancillary members.


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