Benefit application

To claim and withdraw your MilitarySuper benefit, please fill out a benefit application form. Your form will outline your eligibility conditions and provide instructions.

Separate forms exist for members and associates. Associates are people who have an entitlement to a MilitarySuper benefit due to a family law split arrangement.

Please ensure you complete the correct form for the type of benefit you wish to claim – otherwise payment of your benefit may be delayed.

Benefit forms are also available from your pay office.

Alternatively to withdrawing your benefit, you can preserve it in MilitarySuper.

When must I complete my application?

No earlier or later than three months before and after your discharge or retirement date.

What is the normal processing time?

  • 8-10 working days for lump sum payments (after the later of your discharge or retirement date and receipt of your application form)
  • 3 weeks for pensions

Payment information

  • Payment can only be made to an account in Australia
  • Your account must be in your name (it may be a joint account)
  • Pension paydays are the alternate Thursday to Defence paydays
  • Pension deductions are limited to tax, Medicare and child support
  • Your first pension increase will relate to the six month CPI period in which you commence your pension. Your increase will depend on the number of months you were receiving a pension during this time. The first month we count is the first month in which you received a pension for at least half of that month.

Daily unit price

  • Any amount paid out of MilitarySuper will be determined based on the daily unit price applying on the later of the day after you discharge and the day after your completed application (with all required information for processing) is received
  • Please check daily unit prices when you submit your benefit application