Death benefit

View potential death benefit options your dependants may be entitled to receive should you die as a MilitarySuper contributing member in:

Death benefits summary

If a family member who is a MilitarySuper member or pensioner has died, please contact us by phone or post. We appreciate if you can provide these details:

  • name of the deceased
  • their reference number
  • their date of birth
  • your name and relationship with the deceased.


Surviving spouse and/or children

A surviving spouse and/or children may be eligible to receive a benefit. The type and amount of this benefit will depend on their individual circumstances.

Please include the following with your completed benefit application form:

  • Marriage certificate/registered relationship certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Claimant’s tax file number
  • Certified documents to proof identify of claimant
  • Payment details such as a bank account.


No surviving spouse or children

In this case, your benefit will generally be paid to your estate. However, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, trustee of MilitarySuper, can pay your death benefit to a person who is dependent upon you, provided that person is named in your will and was previously nominated by the member to the trustee (MSB Board up to 30 June 2011).


Salary forfeited AWOL

No MilitarySuper death benefit will be paid if you die while on salary forfeited AWOL for a continuous period of more than 21 days. However, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, trustee of MilitarySuper, can pay a death benefit due to sufficient mitigating circumstances. Instead of a death benefit, a resignation benefit will be paid.