Ancillary contributions

‘Ancillary contributions’ describe a range of voluntary contributions or transfers contributing members can make to MilitarySuper to build their final retirement benefit. You can contribute these amounts for your own super or on behalf of your spouse.

Preserved benefit members cannot make ancillary contributions.

MilitarySuper offers five types of ancillary contributions:

  1. Co-contributions
  2. Transfer (or roll in) amounts
  3. Salary sacrifice
  4. Additional personal contributions
  5. Spouse contributions.

MilitarySuper cannot accept some contributions if we don’t have your tax file number.

Please also keep your super contribution limits in mind when contributing.

Ancillary contributions comprise a separate retirement benefit for current MilitarySuper contributing members and current DFRDB contributing members. Your ancillary benefit accrues as accumulated interest and fluctuates in line with scheme earnings. Ancillary contributions do not attract or add to your employer benefit in any way.