Spouse contributions

You can contribute after-tax money to MilitarySuper on behalf of your spouse; these are spouse contributions. Your spouse becomes a MilitarySuper beneficiary and their super contributions are held in a separate MilitarySuper account. Once contributed, your spouse contributions belong to them – not you. You have no right to their benefit.

Your spouse can select their preferred investment option and switch at any time.

No tax is deducted from spouse contributions on entry to MilitarySuper.

To avoid incurring extra tax, you and your spouse should note your spouse’s contribution limit for non-concessional contributions which include spouse contributions.

Am I eligible to receive spouse contributions?

To be eligible to receive spouse contributions, your spouse must be a person who shares a marital or couple relationship with you. A marital or couple relationship exists if you have been living together as husband, wife or partner on a permanent and bona fide domestic basis for a continuous period of at least three years. If the period is less than three years, MilitarySuper must determine if spouse contributions can be received. This includes but is not limited to, considering evidence to establish any of the following:

  • your spouse is wholly or substantially dependent on you
  • you are legally married
  • your relationship has been registered under a law of a state or territory as a prescribed type of relationship
  • you have a child born of the relationship or adopted during the relationship
  • you have a child of both of you within the meaning of the Family Law Act 1975, or
  • you jointly own a home which is your usual residence.

How do I find out more?

Read our Spouse contributions factsheet [PDF 341 KB].

How do I make spouse contributions?

Please complete our Application to pay spouse contributions form [PDF 841 KB].

Complete and return our Spouse contributions deposit form [PDF 891 KB] for each deposit you make via cheque or money order to MilitarySuper.

How do I apply to receive a spouse benefit?

Please complete and return to MilitarySuper our Spouse and/or children of a member or preserved benefit member - benefit application form [PDF 1014 KB].

To receive a benefit, you must be an eligible spouse of a deceased member, former member or pensioner.

How do I find out more?

Read our Spouse contributions factsheet [PDF 341 KB].

Please also read the Product Disclosure Statement.