Family law

Family law information here is for any member (contributing, preserved or retired) or person married to a member who is in the process of divorce or separation.

Request for superannuation information

Super can be split for family law purposes. The first step in this process is to obtain information about the relevant member’s super in MilitarySuper; this information is used to calculate the value of a ‘superannuation interest’. This calculation is then used to assist court proceedings or to help prepare a family law agreement.

Please read our Family law and super splitting booklet [PDF 723 KB]

Is there a fee?

Yes, a fee of $150 for members and $165 ($150 plus GST) for non-members covers the cost of administrative work in preparing your superannuation information response.

Your response will be made in accordance with family law legislation.

You can pay this fee via cheque, money order or credit card (visa, mastercard or bankcard) when you provide your initial information request to MilitarySuper. MilitarySuper cannot prepare a response until your payment is received.