Family law legislation

Current consolidation:

To deal with super benefit splitting:

Amended Act to allow benefits to be split:

Consequential amendments to Commonwealth legislation:

Amended Act to include defacto and same sex couples: 

MilitarySuper family law legislation and information

Amended Commonwealth legislation including MSB Act to allow separate interest to be created for non-member spouse following a family law split:

To set out family law information to be provided on behalf of trustee:

To explain how benefits are adjusted following a family law split:

To explain how to value a superannuation interest:

MilitarySuper Contributor scheme factors [XLS: 368 KB]

MilitarySuper Preserved scheme factors [XLS: 26 KB]

MilitarySuper Pension factors [XLS: 31 KB]

Family law and super splitting booklet [PDF 723 KB]