What type of scheme is MilitarySuper?

MilitarySuper is an employer-subsidised scheme that provides you an income when you leave work. It also provides financial security to you and your dependants during working life through provision of invalidity and death cover at no cost to you. Specifically, MilitarySuper is a hybrid defined contribution and benefit scheme where benefits are derived from:

  1. A member component, comprising member contributions including amounts notionally carried over from DFRDB, plus earnings on these amounts
  2. An employer component, defined based on a member’s period of membership and final average salary (FAS); this component is unfunded, except for the portion relating to the employer 3% productivity contributions paid fortnightly by the Department of Defence; the cost of unfunded components is met by the employer on an emerging basis from the Consolidated Revenue Fund when benefits fall due.

Who is MilitarySuper for?

MilitarySuper provides superannuation benefits for:

  • Members who entered the ADF between 01 October 1991 and 30 June 2016
  • ADF personnel who transferred from the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme (DFRDB) and elected to become MilitarySuper members

MilitarySuper gradually replaced DFRDB; existing DFRDB contributing members were given the option to transfer into MilitarySuper up to 1 October 1992. All new ADF members may join ADF Super.

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