Leave without pay

During periods of leave without pay (LWOP), you are still a contributing member. 

Can I contribute if I’m on leave without pay?

Yes, contributing members can in certain circumstances including:

  • Parental leave without pay (LWOP)
  • Marital LWOP
  • Compassionate LWOP.

You may also contribute during some other forms of LWOP such as if you accompany your spouse to an overseas post or if you undertake a course of study. You must elect to pay contributions before your period of LWOP ends. You can choose to contribute before, during or at the end of your LWOP period. 

Can I receive a co-contribution on leave without pay?

Yes, but keep in mind your eligible co-contribution amount is determined by the contributions you make during a financial year. If you do not contribute when on LWOP, your co-contribution amount (if any) will be less than it would otherwise be. If you defer your contributions, only the amount you make in that financial year will count.