Preserved benefit

Preservation means holding a superannuation benefit in MilitarySuper (or another regulated superannuation scheme) until such time as it can be paid. Preservation ensures that:

  • you receive full credit for benefits accrued while in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)
  • the value of your benefits is maintained until retirement in accordance with changes in the Consumer Price Index and scheme investment performance
  • you can again accrue benefits as a contributing member if you rejoin the ADF after a period elsewhere.

You can be paid the employer component of your MilitarySuper benefit as an indexed pension from age 55 but you cannot receive it as a lump sum until retirement (as defined by your preservation age). Similarly, you cannot be paid that part of your member benefit that accrued after 30 June 1999 (or any of it if you joined after that date) until you reach age 60 (or your preservation age) and retire permanently from the workforce.

Preserved benefits summary


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