Importance of preservation

Superannuation is a long-term investment to provide for your retirement. Australian law does not generally allow superannuation benefits to be paid out until then.

But most MilitarySuper members leave the Australian Defence Force (ADF) before retirement, often to join the civilian workforce. In this case, some or all of their superannuation benefit is preserved until they retire from work altogether.

If you retire from the ADF on invalidity grounds, some or all of your member benefit will remain preserved, either in MilitarySuper or another scheme of your choice.

In the past, leaving long-term employment before retirement meant you may not have received full credit for the superannuation benefits you accrued.

However since its inception in October 1991, MilitarySuper has included preservation arrangements for all members leaving the ADF before retirement.

How does this affect my lump sum?

The age you can take your entire benefit as a lump sum increases from 55 to 60.