Age & incapacity benefits

Read our Preserved benefits summary guide [PDF 164 KB] to better understand common situations and the manner in which a preserved benefit can be paid.

Early release on medical grounds is one common situation.

That means total and permanent incapacity (TPI) which is different to normal invalidity retirement from the Austrailan Defence Force (ADF) as a contributing member.

It is also different to TPI assessments under Repatriation (DVA) legislation and medical assessments for compensation purposes.

Key points to note are:

  • Your preserved employer benefit must remain in MilitarySuper in most cases until you at least turn age 55; but can be rolled into another scheme at this time
  • Your full access to lump sum benefits is determined by your age at discharge, your preservation age and if you retire from the workforce – and
    • Any member benefit you accrued in MilitarySuper prior to 30 June 1999 can be accessed at any time when you leave the ADF; take it in full or in $10,000 multiples with no less than six months between withdrawals.