Withdraw benefit

Only when you retire from the workforce can you access your superannuation benefit without any restrictions. Retirement from the workforce means:

  • you reach age 60 and cease employment
  • you reach your preservation age (if that is less than age 60), cease employment and intend to never be gainfully employed again.

Your preservation age is determined by your date of birth. Preservation rules were introduced in 1999 and apply to all regulated superannuation schemes.

Withdraw your benefit

To claim your preserved benefit, you must complete a benefit application form. Each form explains your eligibility requirements and how you can apply.

You can roll your employer benefit out of MilitarySuper once reach age 55.

Withdraw preserved member benefits before preservation age

Complete and return our Claim for Preserved Benefit before age 55 (including Ancillary Benefit) [PDF 3 MB] if you:

  • have a preserved member benefit
  • wish to withdraw some or all of it now and
  • are under your preservation age.

Withdraw preserved member benefits after preservation age

Complete and return our Claim for Preserved Benefits after age 55 (including Ancillary Benefits) [PDF 1 MB] if you:

  • have a preserved member benefit
  • with to withdraw some or all of it now and
  • have reached your preservation age.