Former DFRDB members

Who is a re-entrant?

A re-entrant is a former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who contributed to either the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme (DFRDB) or MilitarySuper, and who re-enters the ADF after discharge or retirement. Different rules apply depending on whether you are a former DFRDB or MilitarySuper member, and whether you are a re-entering member or a re-entering recipient.

In 2015 the Australian Government decided to introduce new Defence Force superannuation arrangements. Military Super was closed to new members from 30 June 2016 and from 1 July 2016 all new entrants to the ADF can choose to become members of ADF Super, the default fund, or elect a superannuation fund of their choice.

Who can re-enter DFRDB?

From 1 July 2016, you are no longer able to re-enter DFRDB. If you re-enter the ADF you will automatically become a member of ADF Super, or you can elect to join a superannuation fund of your choice. For more information on ADF Super please visit