Former MilitarySuper members

I’m a re-entered member

If you exited MilitarySuper before reaching your preservation age, you can receive an employer-financed benefit. This benefit will be paid when you retire from the workforce or reach your preservation age. It is referred to as a preserved benefit.

I’m a preserved benefit member re-joining MilitarySuper

You keep your current preserved benefit entitlement. It continues to grow at CPI, except for your 3% productivity component which grows with the default investment strategy.

For your second period of service, you will be entitled to an additional employer benefit. As shown in the table below, your previous period of scheme membership is used to determine where your benefit begins for your second service period.

Employer benefit growth table

Years of service

% of final average salary (FAS) per year

Up to 7 years


7 to 20 years


20 years or more


I’m a re-entered recipient

If you are a re-entered recipient–that is, those who retired and received a MilitarySuper Employer Benefit converted to a pension are no longer able to re-enter MilitarySuper. If you rejoin the ADF you will automatically become a member of ADF Super, the default fund, or you can elect to join a superannuation fund of your choice. For more information on ADF Super please visit